"Purification from the accumulated negative energies gives the opportunity to form a new worldview and allows for spiritual growth. Cosmoenergy helps people to rethink their place in life. Cosmoenergy channels will help anyone who wants to change themselves and their lives, to become a more harmonious, healthy and a happier person." - Zarina Tibilova


Orgonitt.net was started September 1st. 2013, by Zarina Tibilova. Its aim is to make orgonite and cosmoenergy healing better known in especially Norway. Orgonite doesn’t only neutralise electromagnetic smog, but by adding a wide variety of crystals and other precious stones, orgonite can be used as beautiful pendants, rings and in home decoration.

Since everybody is unique, we will do our best to find or make orgonite that fits your, your family or your friends, specific needs. Orgonite even affects plants and animals in a positive way.

Cosmoenergy healing is either given in combination with orgonite or in separate sessions. When used in combination with originate, we will program the crystals inside the orgonite with the cosmoenergy-channels that fit you and your situation best.

We at Orgonitt.net hope that our products and services not only help to balance your energy and life, but also give you peace, joy and love for you and the people around you.


Ålesund - Norway
Email: info@orgonitt.net
Website: http://orgonitt.net

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