Our partners

We work together with the following persons and companies in order to help our customers in the best possible way:


Oddmar Remøy

Oddmar uses our orgonite products in his work with removing negative energies from houses and larger areas. We contact Oddmar when our customers want help placing orgonite, and when they need help to remove negative energies from their houses or surroundings.

Sebastiaan van der Velden

Sebastiaan volunteers for Orgonitt.net with the technical work. He maintains the websites and creates som orgonite himself as well. He also is active in promoting Orgonitt.net both within Norway and abroad. He has a background in medical imaging and radiation therapy and he therefore has a great deal of know how when it comes to radiation, electromagnetic fields, and our bodies. He gives talks and presentations on how electromagnetic fields influence our bodies and our surroundings.


Children of the Sun Foundation & I Am Avatar

Children of the Sun Foundation is a non profit humanitarian foundation led by Tiara Kumara who's also the founder of I Am Avatar. We are honored to work together with Tiara. Her meditations, courses and DNA sessions fit in perfectly with our visions and the message we try to send out to our customers and the world.


When making orgonite, we are always on the lookout for unique moulds that can tolerate the high temperatures and forces that are generated while making orgonite. Amadeuz is a small store that can be found in the heart of Ålesund in Norway and here we have found some of the unique moulds we make our orgonite products in.

Gil og Ida Edwards Skoreperasjon

Father Gil and his daughter Ida run their shoerepair shops in the city center of Ålesund and Spjelkavik. They not only repair shoes and leather clothing, but also engrave signs and file keys. The latter being the most interesting for us, since we use the metal shavings from this work in our orgonite products.


Without Posten it would have been difficult to run a web-store. We rely on Posten to get your orders safely to you, but also to get the raw materials we use in our orgonite creations, delivered safely to us.

Saga Marketing AS

Saga Marketing organises around 20 paranormal or alternative exhibitions all over Norway. As a tradition you'll find us once a year at the exhibition in Ålesund.

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