Pricelist Cosmoenergy Healing


Through a conversation and a short treatment session you get to know where there is a imbalance in your energy-body and you get to know how you can be helped to rebalance your energy field and chakras with cosmoenergy channels.

Treatment session

A cosmoenergy treatment session usually is being held in the form of distance healing, but if possible it can be done in the privacy of your home or at the cosmoenergy healer's treatment room. With a distance healing session, the healer would like to have a photograph of you, this to make contact with you more easily. It's also possible to do the session through other media, like for example Skype. The healer will always arrange a time and date for the healing with you, and will contact you right before the session starts. It's best that you are standing during the whole treatment, but it is okay if you rather would like to sit down comfortably. It's also good practice to have someone with you that can watch over you while you are receiving the treatment.
It is possible to receive cosmoenergy healing without a diagnostic session up front. Then you'll receive a general healing aimed at balancing your whole energy-body and all your chakras. Did you receive a diagnostic treatment, then the healer will adjust the treatment accordingly. A session takes about 45 to 60 minutes.

Trial package

A trial contains one diagnostic session and one ekstra treatment session. This is a nice way to see if cosmoenergy healing is something for you.

Treatment package

The best results are achieved by receiving multiple treatments with cosmoenergy. Normally these treatment sessions consist of 15 treatments and one diagnostic treatment.

-Price diagnosis: kr 0,-
-Price 15 treatments: kr 3 750,-

Contact us in case of questions or to arrange a treatment.